10 Ways to Combat Self-doubt as an Entrepreneur

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Psst. Can I tell you a secret? It happens to the best of us.It’s so easy to slip into that frame of mind that says “I’m not good enough”, “how will I ever sell anything?” “what was I thinking?!” and lastly, “I should quit while I’m ahead”. It’s as easy as stumbling across a pin-worthy pin that makes you feel like your branding is way off track or your product is not unique and if you let the mindset slip deep enough, it can be devastating to your business (and your self-worth).

I’ve done my fair bit of googling this topic over the years. Whenever I discover an Instagram account with over 100k followers and what seems like a feed curated by heavenly beings themselves, I’m tempted to dip into business depression. The problem is that because my business is such a huge part of me, I’m tempted to start feeling like a monumental (note how quickly this turned into major meltdown) failure.


The difference is, they’ve found ways to combat their moments of weakness, use them to strengthen their focus and they get back up and out there.




1. Set up a good plan (with step by step guides)

It sounds super boring, I know but bear with me for a bit. Setting up a good plan in advance gives you some breathing room. You’ll have a bit of space to find yourself and get your groove back when things get tough. It also means that you have a solid foundation to draw from – one that was set up at a time when you were roaring with confidence and motivation.

A good plan is gold.  You’ll thank yourself for taking the time to plan your business along with its little details ahead of time.

As a side note, a good plan can be executed by anyone. So if you’re not feeling totally up to scratch emotionally, you could still have someone temporarily execute it on your behalf, provided they’re aware of the steps.


2. Stick to your plan

I’m certainly not making it easier for the spontaneity lovers. However, sticking to your plan can help you achieve your goals and it’s a metric that converts big time! If you’re achieving your goals you’ll feel 99% more productive and happy, guaranteed. Sticking to your plan also eliminates those quick decisions that you could end up regretting in the long run, giving you more reason to doubt yourself.


3. Be Flexible

I know I’ve just said you should stick to your plan but you should also not be too rigid. If something is really not working well, change it. Have the foresight to realise that sometimes self-doubt is your gut telling you that something’s not right. This could be anything from the way your business looks in terms of branding, the way it functions both backend and front or you’re simply not feeling a client. Whatever the case, before a serious bout of self-doubt hits, find the source of your inner conflict and iron it out.


4. Set up healthy habits

You can’t offer your business your best if you’re burnt out from the grind. Additionally, you’re sure to have more self-incriminating thoughts when you’re tired. Set up great eating and sleeping habits and try to form a routine around these good habits.


5. Adopt a positivity guru

I’ve found that investing time in wholesome friendships is what does it for me. It’s kind of like getting two fonts for the price of one. I get to spend a few hours with people I love to the moon and back and I know that while I’m there, I’m recharging, realigning, and readjusting my viewpoint to get back on track.

If you have a good set of people who have your back at every corner, you’re in a great spot. Your positivity guru could be that awesome set of articles on entrepreneur success stories, doing an hour of peaceful yoga at a studio you love, the playlist that makes you want to celebrate life. Whatever it is, schedule positivity into your life and make it a top priority.


6. Get into the psyche of your self-doubt

I’m a big fan of facing my negative feelings head-on. It gives me the option to grow from each new experience. Self-doubt has an origin.


Find it and conquer it! That way, when that specific trigger comes around the next time, you’ll have already kicked its butt. Don’t be afraid to look at your down moments as growing moments.


7. Do something that’s not business related

Have you ever noticed just how easy it is to become immersed in your business? I often find my mind racing with things I still have to do while I’m cooking dinner for my family. It takes over and can become quite overwhelming, lowering your actual performance rate (again, bringing it back to how incredibly important the feeling of being productive is to your own self-worth as well as the value it brings to your business.)

Get out a bit and force yourself to leave ALL your business-related thoughts at the office (or by your laptop if you’re lucky to work from home). Leave it there. For at least an hour.


8. Brainstorm

I’m always in my element when I brainstorm.  I’ve even found myself brainstorming solutions to problems completely unrelated to my business. That’s because it’s a formula that really works. When I become doubtful about any aspect of my business, I brainstorm the options again to see if I’ve missed something. If I have and it’s really important, I find a way to incorporate it. If it’s insignificant, I put my doubts to rest.



Try to keep your daily processes to a minimum so that you can focus on your priorities and eliminate self-doubt. Simplicity aligns your actions with your goals as well, allowing you to get the best out of your business.


10. Prioritise

Keep it real about what is important and what’s not. This will help you to remember why you’ve made the decisions you have so far. Prioritising your personal life can also help you stay on track as an entrepreneur. Try not to let your daily schedule become too overwhelming.

Just have fun

I love owning a business in this day and age. I feel like more and more people are returning to their roots and the need for a real connection is growing. If you’re starting to doubt yourself and your business, remember why you started your business – to passionately serve your customers and do what you love!

You have a unique voice to share with the world. There is no-one quite like you, therefore, there is nothing quite like your business. Stick to fueling your business with your authenticity and there’ll be absolutely no reason to doubt it’s success.


Being an entrepreneur is challenging and it can be overwhelming and exhausting at times. You are doing a great job fellow empire builder!


Rayne de Jongh

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