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We Build Beautiful Brands

Seems like we’re a perfect match! We craft brands from start to finish, taking care to build something that will stand the test of time and successfully deliver your business to the right people.

here’s How We Do It

We Strategise

We take simple ideas and conceptualise them, creating your story. This is called your brand voice and it should be 100% authentic. We devise a strategy that will effectively help us use your voice to tell your story so that your audience can see right through your brand. Why? Because people do business with people they trust.

Your brand should work for you creating transparency, reliability and communicate your business and personal values instantly.

Brand Strategy

We lovingly craft your business concept, taking time to develop a brand strategy that looks amazing but feels great too.

Conceptual Design

A conceptual design combines form and function to ensure that your brand looks professional, performs well, & is practical.

Testing + Output

Testing is an important part of the final branding process. We test your website to ensure that it’s converting as it should.

and Why we do it

We believe in your story

At Grace Content we believe that branding is more (a lot more) than a pretty logo and a few business cards. It’s your way of communicating your promise to your clients and it’s your very perfect, very special, footprint in the business world. While creating beautiful things makes us very happy, we also want to be sure that your voice seamlessly filters into every part of your business, creating a mega brand that speaks volumes on it’s own. I mean, that’s what you want too, right?

Developing a rock-solid strategy is so important. And guess what? It’s our passion!


How we’re launching this fempire starter’s business

Chrizanne Smith / Kairos Events

Chrizanne Smith approached Grace Content with a problem. She knew where her business was going but she was totally unsure of how it was going to get there. So, naturally, we started doing what we do best. We brainstormed. And we’re still brainstorming. You can follow the Kairos Events Story as it takes shape. “Owning your story is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.” – Orene Brown

took this online business to new heights with a site

Retha Le Grange / I Love Vintage

Chatting with Retha about the ILV website was like a dream come true. We quickly realised that we have very similar tastes in design and completely fell in love with the same set of images. From there, the website evolved into a warm and inviting online store for pre-loved, authenticated Louis Vuitton apparel. 

Get the latest info right here on the blog

Our Blog

We really do want you to have the best start to your story.  Our blog posts will always be relevant and current so that you can make the most of your brand.


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Branding Grace Content + The Playlist That Inspired Me

Music is a HUGE part of my life.  And I've spent many hours creating THE perfect mix for each brand that I start working on.  It seems only right to kick the blog off with the very playlist that saw me through late hours, many cups of coffee and a lot of...

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Business Branding

Take your brilliant business idea to the next level with a beautiful brand story and design to communicate your business values.

Content Solutions

Content is King. Good content is just pure gold and will always find the right audience when curated or written with your brand story in mind.

Web Design

Create a beautiful online presence that acts as your portfolio and your platform to share what you’re offering with the world.

Take that leap of faith

Let’s Build Something Beautiful

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